Laying the foundations for long-term low-emission development strategies (LTS)

The Paris Agreement invites the parties to submit long-term strategies (LTS) for greenhouse gas neutrality. The project equips partner countries with tools to develop them and better link them to Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs). To this end, it supports various formats of stakeholder consultations, in which international donors also take part. In these, experiences are exchanged in order to create favorable conditions for net-zero LTS in selected countries. The countries participating in the in-depth implementation phase of the project are finally selected in close consultation with the German government. In order to achieve a multiplier effect, the knowledge gained is shared beyond the project.

Project data

Jamaica, Pakistan, Rwanda, Tanzania, Senegal
IKI funding
1,450,000.00 €
10/2021 till 05/2024
Implementing organisation
Stichting European Climate Foundation
Political Partner
  • Climate Change Division, Ministry of Economic Growth and Job Creation - Jamaica
  • Ministry for Environment and Sustainable Development (MEDD) - Senegal
  • Ministry of Climate Change - Pakistan
  • Ministry of Environment - Rwanda
  • Vice President’s Office (VPO) - Tanzania

State of implementation/results

    • A Long-term Visioning Workshop was held on 15/03/2023 and convened stakeholders (local and national government entities, development partners, private sector, civil society, academia, think thanks, others) to discuss the content of Pakistan’s Long-term Vision and the Long-term Strategy Workplan. The event was an important occasion to gather input from different sectors on important elements to include in the strategies.
    • A Validation Workshop was held on 14/09/2023 for government officials to endorse the LTV and agree on next steps.
    • Jamaica’s Long-term Low Emission Development Strategy (LT-LEDS) final draft was completed and will be presented for approval by the Multistakeholder Committee, which is guiding the process.
    • Public consultations on the LT-LEDS draft with society and government officials took place during June and July 2023. The consultations included in-person sessions in Kingston, Mandeville and Montego Bay; an online open consultation form; a meeting with development partners; and a public webinar. These consultations seek to ensure that different stakeholders are given the opportunity to share their views and provide input to the content and structure of Jamaica’s Long-term Strategy.
    • The project was successfully concluded on 22/06/2023 with the final deliverable, a pilot Investment Plan for the Green Growth and Climate Resilience Strategy (Rwanda’s LT-LEDS), focusing on landscape restoration, catchment management, climate-resilient agriculture, green rural settlements, livelihoods, and resilience in the Rwandan Southern corridor.
    • The work is being delivered under the guidance of the Ministry of Environment, Sustainable Development and Ecological Transition (MEDDTE) and in alignment with the ongoing Deep Decarbonization Pathways project on the elaboration of a full long-term strategy.
    • The selected in-country consultant to deliver the work is ENDA Énergie. ENDA and MEDDTE organised a launch meeting at the end of May with key stakeholders, and a workshop in June to define the strategic pillars and transformative actions necessary towards the Long-term Vision.
    • The Platform staff travelled to Senegal in August 2023 to attend a consultative workshop organised by the Government, and held bilateral meetings with government, civil society, and development partner stakeholders.
    • The Government of Tanzania signed a letter of intent in November 2022 confirming their participation in the project “Laying the Foundations for Long-term Low emission development strategies.”

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