Linking 'no-deforestation' supply chains and national climate mitigation initiatives

Producer country governments and multilateral companies have committed to eliminate deforestation and reduce GHG emissions associated with agriculture, but often actions to implement these commitments are taken in isolation. Collaboration can bring efficiencies and share responsibilities, which is especially important for smallholder-dominant commodities such as cocoa, palm, beef and coffee. The project will work with local stakeholders, governments and multilaterals to develop and test land-scape and jurisdictional approaches and guidance to better integrate implementation of private-sector commitments to eliminating deforestation from supply chains with national policies and initiatives to address deforestation. The project will leverage Proforest’s relationships with multinational company and multistakeholder platforms to support and build capacity for local leadership of landscape level land use planning, management and monitoring in the partner countries.

Project data

Ivory Coast, Ghana, Peru
IKI funding
1,956,218.00 €
10/2020 till 09/2023
Implementing organisation
The Proforest Initiative
Political Partner
  • Forestry Commission - Ghana
  • Ministry of Environment (MINAM) - Peru
  • Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development - Ivory Coast
Implementing Partner
  • Proforest Initiative Africa (PIGH)
  • Proforest LatinoAmerica S.A.S (PCCO)

State of implementation/results

    • Capacity building plans for the Asunafo landscape and at a national level have been finalised with stakeholders based on a needs assessment. The training will include a range of topics, and delivery mechanisms from formal trainings to mentoring to support implementation of the Asunafo landscape management plan and raise awareness at a national level. The first Landscape Level training workshop was organized in December 2021. Subsequent training workshops targeted at both categories of target groups have been planned from April 2022.
    Cote d’Ivoire:
    • Since the landscape coalition was set up in San Pedro in October 2021 between the regional council, GIZ, Mondelez and Impactum, there has been an agreement to collaborate and work together in the landscape. Notably, the landscape coalition just agreed on a roadmap consisting of a baseline assessment which will inform a Landscape Management Plan, a common action plan, related activities implementation and a Monitoring and Evaluation plan. The capacity building activities are going to start in 2022 in San Pedro, starting with an awareness training on HCV, HCS & FPIC. In November and December 2021, Proforest co-organised a workshop to bring together all key stakeholders in the San Pedro Landscape (private sector, public sector, civil society organisation, NGO) to discuss and agree on the objectives, scope of collaboration/partnership for synergy of action in the San Pedro Landscape as well as a governance framework for a collaborative platform in the region.
    • A detailed plan with 11 priority activities has been developed for the programme, in particular to support the Environment Ministry’s plans for their NDC to engage with the private sector, provide guidance and support smallholder sustainability particularly for palm oil and cocoa. This falls under one of five key pillars of the NDCs focused on agriculture driven deforestation. Initial ideas for engaging in the Alta Huallaga landscape are also being developed with partners. Other achievements include: delivering an RSPO P&C and Producer training course in the Amazon region for national and local stakeholders (28 participants) , co-delivering an HCV-HCS introductory training course (25 participants), supporting the development of the government’s new national palm oil strategy as well as the submission of their NDC to the UNFCCC by supporting the development of the national forest emissions baseline. Proforest is also supporting the national government working on a sustainability model for Amazon livestock.
    • Proforest was invited to join the TFA EU Working Group; a multistakeholder group discussing how to ensure the Deforestation Due Diligence (DD) regulations of the EU are effective.

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