Sino-German cooperation on low carbon transport

The People’s Republic of China emits the greatest volume of greenhouse gases in the world – and around 10% of all the energy-related CO2 emissions in the country are caused by the transport sector. The project promotes the German-Chinese policy dialogue on long-term climate change mitigation strategies in the transport sector, focusing on the potential of digitalisation, innovative technologies and integrated mobility concepts. Chinese decision-makers and relevant stakeholders are given support in their development of effective strategies for a climate-friendly transport sector. The project also advises the partners, particularly in the priority areas of urban and freight transport. The dialogue-oriented approach ensures coordination with other international stakeholders and donors, and the development of guidelines and the implementation of training courses also guarantees the long-term multiplier effect of the project measures.

Project data

IKI funding
8,115,170.00 €
03/2015 till 12/2022
Implementing organisation
Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH - China
Political Partner
  • Ministry of Transport (MoT) - China

State of implementation/results

  • Close cooperation with the Transport Management Department within the Chinese Ministry of Transport (MoT)
  • Project activities in urban public and freight transport focus on three topics: policies, technologies, monitoring & evaluation. They form the basis for a policy dialogue between Chinese and German partners.
  • Participation in the Active Mobility Development Forum. The forum marked the launch of the national Active Mobility Development Alliance, co-founded by the project, which aims to promote cycling and walking in China (21.08.2022).
  • Online workshop on Developing Road Transport Carbon Emission Models for Chinese Cities with the participation of 55 experts from 22 Chinese cities and the World Resources Institute (WRI) as well as the consulting company Infras as keynote speakers. The aim of the workshop was to provide training on the application of road transport emission models in Europe and China (15.08.2022).
  • Online final workshop on the conducted pilot on Setting of Temporary Loading and Unloading Parking Zones for New Energy Freight Vehicles (29.07.2022). The pilot was successfully implemented with two NELV pilot zones in Foshan based on the world's first scientific method for planning loading and unloading zones specifically for New Energy Logistics Vehicles (NELV), which was developed by the project.
  • Final workshop on the pilot implemented with the TPRI to build a national system for evaluating the climate efficiency of intermodal freight hubs as key elements of intermodal transport chains in China (27.07.2022).
  • Three online trainings in the framework of the Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan (SUMP) pilot in Foshan, the first application of the EU SUMP Directive in China, on Public Participation, Transit Optimisation and Safe Routes to School (July 2022).
  • Online workshop on the development and application of an evaluation system for active mobility with a focus on cycling in Chinese cities and a national cycling strategy for China (31.05.2022).
  • Workshop on the study carried out by the project, together with CATS, on the subject of the electrification of city bus fleets as a component to prompote climate-friendly local public transport (01/21/2022).
  • Workshop as part of the study carried out by the project, together with the company SinoCarbon, on the development of an evaluation system for active mobility (focus on cycling) and a national cycling strategy for China (01/14/2022).
  • Trainings and workshops together with the China Sustainable Transportation Center (CSTC), on the piloting to develop a Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan (SUMP) according to the EU SUMP Directive in Foshan (Guangdong Province) - the first Application of EU SUMP Directive in China (1Q 2022, 2Q 2021).
  • Workshop jointly with the Nanjing Institute of City & Transport Planning Co., Ltd. (NICTP), to conducted a pilot project on the promotion of electric delivery vehicles through intelligent loading zone management in Foshan (December 6, 2021, Beijing).
  • Workshop on a pilot project implemented jointly with TPRI on the subject of Establish & Implement an Evaluation System for Multimodal Freight Transport Management in China (04/23/2021, Beijing).
  • Workshops on a study implemented by the project, together with TPRI, on the topic of electrification of urban delivery traffic (04/15/2021 & 09/13/2021, Beijing).
  • Workshops on Future Proof Smart Logistics and Opportunities of Governance (June 22 & 24, 2021).
  • Workshop on Infrastructure Technology Policy Recommendations and Roadmap for Beijing's Future Transport as part of the three-part workshop series The Beijing Dialogue organized jointly with the Beijing Transport Institute (BTI) and the think tank Agora Verkehrswende (June 4th, 2021, Beijing).

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