Supporting low-emission energy industries to achieve climate targets in the Dominican Republic

The project supports the Dominican Republic in its measures to reduce GHG emissions in the power sector and in the implementation of the climate neutrality ambition by 2050. Since the start of the project, the share of renewable energies (RE) has more than tripled. Nevertheless, the energy sector is still based on fossil fuels, which cause almost 1/3 of the emissions. The project aims to promote a coherent energy and climate policy and a shift towards a low-carbon energy economy. Far-reaching reforms at the political, institutional, regulatory and financial levels are to improve the share of RE. A long-term expansion plan for the power sector and the preparation of decarbonisation scenarios play an important role. To promote investment, approval procedures are accelerated and innovative financing models are developed. The implementation of pilot projects contributes to a sustainable energy supply in rural areas.

Project data

Dominican Republic
IKI funding
4,800,000.00 €
07/2017 till 06/2022
Implementing organisation
Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH
Political Partner
  • Ministry of Energy and Mines - Dominican Republic
Implementing Partner
  • Asociación para el Fomento de las Energías Renovables (Asofer)
  • Control body of the electricity sector
  • Dominican Association of Industry and Energy (ADIE) - Dominican Republic
  • Latin American Energy Organisation (OLADE)
  • Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources - Dominican Republic
  • National Climate Council
  • RENAC energy &amp
  • climate gGmbH
  • Superintendencia de Electricidad de la República Dominicana (SIE)
  • Technological Institute of Santo Domingo

State of implementation/results

  • Information about the project can be found on its website as well as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn. In addition, the "Transforma" brochure documents the project's progress every six months.
  • The project is flanked by five measures, including three BMZ-funded triangular cooperation projects with Cuba, Chile and Costa Rica, as well as a BMZ DeveloPPP measure with the company Akuo Energy and a cooperation with the GIZ project Advancing Transport Climate Strategies (TraCS).
  • Alejandro Velazquez, junior advisor to the project, was a guest on the Energía Journal podcast in July 2022.
  • Iván Guzmán, senior advisor to the project, was interviewed by Energía Journal in March 2022 about participating in the Foro de Energía Sostenible (FES).
  • As of July 2022, 756 MW of wind and solar energy have been installed. This represents 10% of Dominican electricity production.
  • The project, together with the Ministry of Energy and Mines, has invited a knowledge exchange workshop with Uruguay in May 2022. Dr Ramón Mendez, Executive Director of the IVY Association and former National Energy Director of Uruguay, spoke about Uruguay's experience in the energy transition process.
  • In July 2022, Energy Minister Antonio Almonte declared during the Semana de Clima that the DR will turn to promoting a use of hydrogen. The recommendations are based on the study carried out by the project "A Prospective Analysis on Green Hydrogen in the Dominican Republic."
  • The regulatory authority (Superintendencia de Electricidad - SIE) has postponed two planned socialisation workshops of the studies supported by the project on the topic of technical requirements for charging stations and tariff calculations of electric mobility until the end of September 2022. The draft regulations are currently in the final stages of review by the SIE.
  • For the implementation of ISO 50.001 for the Ministry of Energy and Mines (MEM) in cooperation with the GIZ project Technical Assistance Programme for Sustainable Energy in the Caribbean (TAPSEC), the preparatory phase has been completed by September 2022 and certification is expected to be completed by November 2022 at the latest.
  • In order to make the complex regulatory framework of the energy sector more transparent, the project developed a chart (mapa regulatorio) that depicts the regulations, rules and laws of the sector.
  • In April 2022, a delegation trip was made to Miami for the Caribbean Renewable Energy Forum (CREF), which was accompanied by a delegation from the Ministry of Energy and Mines, the CNE and representatives of the project, and GIZ moderated a panel on renewable energy.

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