Advancing Biodiversity Conservation Through Strategic Financing in Peru

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The IKI supports the expansion of financing for biodiversity-friendly business models.  

In a determined effort to enhance the mobilisation of public-private financing for companies embracing biodiversity-friendly business models, the Ministry of the Environment in Peru, in close partnership with the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism, has embarked on a strategic mission under the IKI-funded BioInvest project. Their mission: to infuse a profound environmental dimension into their financial mechanisms and programmes. A pivotal moment arrived in April 2023 when stringent environmental criteria were formally integrated into the third edition of the Internationalization Support Program (PAI), an initiative championed by the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism.

The PAI now stands as the trailblazing public development instrument globally to incorporate rigorous environmental criteria. This transformative development heralds a new era, propelling the internationalisation endeavours of Peruvian businesses while demanding adherence to stringent environmental standards.

Diana del Águila, the Director of Environmental Financing at the Ministry of Environment, emphasised the significance of their collaborative efforts. Together, they have forged a path to unlock financing opportunities for value chains that demonstrate a steadfast commitment to preserving and enhancing biodiversity.

The collaborative efforts bore fruit in the third edition of the PAI, with a substantial allocation of 290,400 dollars in non-reimbursable resources to 14 deserving biodiversity-friendly companies. These select enterprises proudly carry sustainability certifications, possess the coveted Blue Certificate issued by the National Water Authority, and/or are duly registered on the esteemed Peru Carbon Footprint digital platform.

The results emanating from the third edition of PAI were unveiled during the fifth session of the Public-Private Dialogue, a cornerstone event within the BioInvest project. This platform serves as a vital conduit for communication and collaboration across diverse sectors, nurturing the mobilisation of critical resources in support of prioritised, biodiversity-friendly value chains.

Peru's resolute commitment to advancing biodiversity conservation through strategic financing is a testament to its dedication to sustainable practices and environmental stewardship. This decisive step not only highlights Peru's leadership on the global stage but also fortifies its position as a paragon of eco-conscious business practices.

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