Clean Energy – Crafting A Green and Sustainable Future

A child painting a on a large canvas.
Crafting a Green and Sustainable Future: children painting for the Earth Hour 2024 campaign.

The IKI supported an Earth Hour event held in Viet Nam, that features various creative and meaningful activities aimed to contribute to the Net Zero target by 2050.

Thousands of citizens, businesses, and organisations convened on the pedestrian street around Hoan Kiem Lake to participate in the event “Clean Energy - Crafting A Green and Sustainable Future”, in response to the Earth Hour 2024 campaign. This annual event plays a significant role in raising community awareness about energy conservation, promoting the use of clean energy, and protecting the environment.

Information booths and interactive activities 

The exhibition booths at the event attracted considerable attention from visitors. Businesses and organisations introduced new technologies and products, reaffirming their commitment to the development and promotion of clean energy.

Moreover, the event featured interactive activities with the community, such as tree planting to “green” the Earth, exploring fascinating renewable energy technologies at booths, and participating in waste collection, sorting, and recycling. Games and activities aimed at enhancing awareness of clean and efficient energy technologies created a lively and vibrant atmosphere. The highlight of this event was the painting “Crafting a Green and Sustainable Future”. This artwork reflects the community’s commitment to environmental protection and sustainable energy use. Created by a group of artists and event participants, especially children, the painting not only showcases creativity but also conveys profound messages about love and responsibility for the environment. 

The painting “Crafting a Green and Sustainable Future” was exhibited on the pedestrian street around Hoan Kiem Lake during the event, creating a focal point and reminding everyone of the importance of taking action to protect the environment.

Together for climate action

Group photo of participants in the Earth Hour 2024 campaign

Sven Ernedal, Acting Programme Director of the GIZ Energy Support Programme in Viet Nam, in his opening statement emphasised the importance of promoting and raising awareness within the community about energy efficiency and clean energy usage. Sven shared, " We believe that renewable energy is the key to unlocking a green and sustainable future, with green hydrogen emerging as a new energy source, significantly contributing to carbon emission reduction. We can produce clean hydrogen by harnessing the potential of renewable energy sources such as solar and wind energy. This environmentally friendly energy source can bring about positive changes and shape a brighter future for the next generations”.

Highlighting the importance of promoting energy efficiency, Trinh Hoang Tung, Vice Chairman of the Hoan Kiem District People's Committee, Ha Noi, expressed his hope that the community, especially enthusiastic young people, would actively participate in and expand meaningful activities and spread the message of the Earth Hour campaign to those around. Through such efforts, in 2023, energy savings throughout Hoan Kiem District exceeded 14 million kWh. Tung further emphasised that, "Economically and efficiently using the existing energy sources while transitioning from traditional energy sources to renewable, affordable, and secure energy sources is becoming increasingly imperative. To achieve this, concerted efforts are needed from relevant agencies, businesses, individuals, communities, and especially the younger generation."

One of the unique aspects of the event is the active participation of experts from the government, industries, businesses, research institutes, and universities. Representatives from these entities shared  information about the energy sector, providing a comprehensive view of how we can use renewable energy and energy efficiency in our daily lives.

In recent years, The Viet Nam Electricity (EVN) has consistantly taken a leading role in response to Earth Hour initiatives. Mr. Vo Quang Lam, Deputy General Director of EVN, brought valuable insights saying,  “When everyone understands that our power sources are limited, everyone joins hands to build an electricity-saving society.”

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