Clean, Affordable and Secure Energy for Southeast Asia (CASE)

Southeast Asia is one of the fastest-growing developing regions in the world, with an energy demand forecast to rise by 70% by 2040. The partner countries are currently responsible for 80% of the region's energy consumption, which, according to current planning, includes the substantial use of coal. This makes the successful implementation of the Paris Agreement more difficult. The project therefore supports an energy transition with ambitious climate goals in this region. Together with the broad participation of relevant stakeholders, evidence-based solutions for key challenges are being developed aimed at reorienting the energy transition and the pertinent local dialogue. It also supports coordination in the energy sector in South East Asia and provides technical and political assistance. The project is developing a knowledge platform and it is also participating in the regional specialist dialogue as part of the South East Asian Energy Transition Partnership (ETP). The project is part of the IKI Corona Response Package.

Project data

Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Viet Nam
IKI funding
19,950,000.00 €
Included preparation phase
435,227.87 €
03/2020 till 02/2024
Implementing organisation
Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH
Political Partner
  • Department of Energy (DOE) - Philippines
  • Department of Energy Policy and Planning (DEPP / EPPO) - Thailand
  • National Assembly of Vietnam - Committee on Science, Technology and Environment
  • State Ministry of National Development Planning (BAPPENAS) - Indonesia
Implementing Partner
  • Agora Energiewende Smart Energy for Europe Plattform gGmbH
  • Energy Research Institute (ERl)
  • Institute for Climate and Sustainable Cities (iCSC) - Philippines
  • Institute for Essential Services Reform (IESR)
  • NewClimate - Institute for Climate Policy and Global Sustainability gGmbH
  • Thailand Development Research Institute - TDRI
  • Vietnam Initiative for Energy Transition (VIET)

State of implementation/results

  • Against the background of the COVID-19 pandemic, CASE will offer government representatives and other target groups advice on how Green Recovery can harmonize both economic recovery and sustainable energy change.
  • During the ADB-hosted “Asia Clean Energy Forum” (ACEF, June 14-18, 2021), CASE was engaged in two events:
    • Organized by ADB's Southeast Asia Department, the Regional Session “Getting Southeast Asia on the Clean Energy Fast Track” was a discussion among a group of development partners with active programs in the Southeast Asia region. Speakers introduced their respective programs and highlighted the support available to assist developing member countries in their journey to clean energy. The opportunities, challenges, and gaps for such support were discussed.
    • The CASE-organized side-event “: Evidence-based Communications to Propel the Energy Transition” focused on the role of communications in the energy transition. The side event defined and highlighted the underutilized potential of evidence-based communications in the energy transition. Speakers included Fabby Tumiwa (Institute for Essential Services Reform, IESR) and Red Constantino (Institute for Climate and Sustainable Cities, ICSC) who are both members of the CASE project consortium.
  • Joining forces with REN21 and ETP, CASE is co-organising the “REndez-Vous” series in Southeast Asia. These hands-on events aim to involve practitioners in the field of energy transition, providing a space to share and learn. CASE provided technical expertise supported dialogue and outreach around the event. In the spirit of the programme, CASE has been adamant in empowering active roles for local think-tank representatives and stakeholders in the concept, as well as gender balance.
  • On September 29 2022, CASE will launch the “SEA Information Platform for the Energy Transition” (SIPET), which hosts a dynamic donor mapping, and up-to-date information on the region’s power sectors.

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