Discover the Tracker of Climate Strategies for Transport

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How many countries consider transport in their current climate strategies? Find out and learn more about transport in NDCs and LTS with this new tool. 

Only 18 countries include greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reduction targets for transport in their latest climate strategies even though transport is the sector with the highest forecasted emissions growth.
The newly launched Tracker of Climate Strategies for Transport provides information about transport targets, transport climate action and much more about the role of transport in Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) and Long-term low GHG emission development strategies (LTS) – the two most important instruments of the Paris Agreement to limit global warming to well below 2°C. 

The target groups include 

  • staff of environment and transport ministries worldwide, especially in IKI partner countries,
  • experts and policy advisors from the transport and climate sector,
  • donors and international organisations who want to align their activities with the needs of the countries.

Tool contains more than 1900 references from climate policy documents 

In a joint effort, the International Climate Initiative together with the SLOCAT Partnership on Sustainable, Low-Carbon Transport developed the Tracker and compiled all references to transport in NDCs and LTS. Consequently, the Tracker of Climate Strategies for Transport includes more than 1900 transport references directly quoted from 288 climate policy documents. The quotes contain information about climate change mitigation and adaptation measures as well as climate targets. Additionally, the Tracker contains references to governance and implementation structures underlying the transport climate policies. All information can be filtered and customised. A world map, bar charts and tables offer different ways of visualisation. 

Would you like to know which countries plan to shift their freight transport from road to rail? Or you’re interested to know which climate actions are most prominently featured in the latest NDCs on the city level? Or perhaps you’d like to know if countries consider green hydrogen a viable option for their long-term strategies? The different filter options of the Tracker (by country, climate action, type of transport and many more) enable you to customize your search. On the country pages there are more detailed information about the available climate strategies of a particular country.

The Tracker itself does not assess the level of climate ambition represented by a country’s NDC or LTS. Hence, it shouldn’t be regarded as an analysis tool. All data is freely available on the website though. 

The "Tracker of Climate Strategies for Transport" is to be continuously improved and users can send their feedback to the project. 

All information about the tool can be found here. 

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