Supporting climate strategies in countries where motorisation is rapidly increasing

Transport sectors worldwide generate large quantities of greenhouse gases. The project supports developing countries to systematically record and reduce emissions in the transport sector so that the sectoral contribution to achieving the NDCs and long-term strategies is as high as possible. The project supports the development of climate protection strategies in the transport sector in the partner countries. At the same time, it strengthens methods for data collection and evaluation. The project promotes global exchange on transport data, emission factors and data management. It feeds methodological approaches into UN Climate Secretariat initiatives and coordinates them with other donors. Through regional ambition dialogues and cooperation with multipliers such as the NDC Partnership, the project makes project results available to other developing countries and emerging economies. A newly established secretariat as a platform for an international power-to-X network promotes the decarbonization of aviation and shipping.

Project data

Kenya, Morocco, Viet Nam
IKI funding
8,500,000.00 €
02/2016 till 11/2023
Implementing organisation
Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH
Political Partner
  • Ministry for Equipment, Transport, Logistics and Water (METLE) - Morocco
  • Ministry of Transport, Infrastructure, Housing, and Urban Development (MOTIHUD), Kenya
  • Ministry of Transport - Viet Nam

State of implementation/results

  • In Viet Nam, the project supported the Ministry of Transport in setting up a GHG inventory for the transport sector and developing mitigation scenarios. Viet Nam used this to update the NDC (…).
  • In Kenya, the project supported the Ministry of Transport in setting up a Climate Change Coordination Unit. Key learning experiences from the last three project years are summarised in a report (…).
  • In Morocco, 18 scenarios (individual and combined) were calculated for eight climate protection measures in the transport sector. The Moroccan Transport Ministry has been using these for the NDC published in June 2021.
  • The TrIGGER tool developed for Viet Nam to collect GHG emissions from the transport sector is now used in many other countries (…). The data collection tool developed in Kenya for reporting GHG emissions and mitigation actions in the transport sector can also be adapted to other country contexts (…). In cooperation with the Agence Francaise de Développement (AFD), the Mobilise Your City Emissions Calculator was developed - a tool to quantify climate impacts of Sustainable Urban Transport Plans (…).
  • The study "Six Recommendations for Strengthening the Transport Sector in the 2020 NDCs" (…) uses the lessons learned from the first round of NDCs to provide sectoral recommendations for the NDC update. The six recommendations served to thematically structure the African network of transport and environment ministries from 13 countries and were published in English and French (…).
  • In cooperation with the UN Climate Change Secretariat, the 'Compendium on GHG Baselines and Monitoring: Passenger and Freight Transport' provides an overview of appropriate methodologies for quantifying mitigation actions in the transport sector (…).
  • The project supported the establishment of the PtX Hub until December 2021 The PtX Hub focuses on the discussion on the sustainability of PtX and will continue to be supported by BMWK.
  • An interactive database on climate policy in the transport sector, developed by the project in cooperation with SLOCAT, has been published…). The role of transport in the latest NDCs has been analysed (…).
  • The Transport Data Commons Initiative (TDCI) started as a project activity in May 2022 and is now an initiative of more than 30 organizations to develop a global digital transport database (…).
  • Since July 2023, the digital self-study course on the collection and quantification of CO2 emissions in the transport sector "Transport Data: From MRV to Action" is freely available online on atingi (…).

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