Sustainable transport in Morocco

Bicycle lane
Bicycle path in Agadir, Morocco.

Morocco is not only a pioneer in climate-friendly developments on the African continent but is itself heavily impacted by climate change.

Worskshop: two people in front of a pinboard
Workshop on the development of a greenhouse gas inventory.

Roughly 30 percent of emissions in Morocco are produced by the transport sector and this figure is on an upward trend.

Since 2020, the International Climate Initiative (IKI) has assisted the Moroccan Government in developing strategies and measures to curb transport emissions while expanding sustainable transport systems. 

Development of a greenhouse gas inventory for transport

As part of this work, the Moroccan Ministry for Transport and Logistics has teamed up with experts from Germany to develop an initial greenhouse gas inventory for transport, which aims to create transparency about the origins and volumes of emissions in the sector, and where the greatest potential reductions can be achieved.

Tramway in Rabat: Public transport is also to be strengthened.

Goal: long-term reduction in emissions 

The next step is now to implement measures that reduce emission over the long term. From expanding infrastructure for cyclists and public transport through to the introduction of a car tax and funding for electric vehicles, the path that Morocco has set out on is ambitious and the IKI will continue to support its North African partner as it makes progress along it.

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