Finanzas Verdes: Identificación de Brechas Regulatorias e Institucionales para su Promoción en el Perú

05/2022 | Study
Cover "Finanzas Verdes: Identificación de Brechas Regulatorias e Institucionales para su Promoción en el Perú"

Peruvian financial organizations are in a constant transformation towards practices that allow them to be a more sustainable environment. Since recent times, the implementation of international standards that seek the inclusion of ESG (environmental, social and governance) criteria in the operations of this sector has been promoted, but there are still many pending challenges.

For this reason, in September 2022, the Ministry of the Environment has published the report "Green Finance: Identification of Regulatory and Institutional Gaps for its promotion in Peru", a document that will contribute to the initial recognition of the regulatory and institutional challenges to which faced by financial institutions that seek to be more respectful of their environment.

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