PtX Dialogue: Building a global knowledge and exchange platform for PtX

As part of the International PtX Hub, PtX Dialogue enables emerging economies and developing countries to contribute to the international market ramp-up of sustainable electricity-based raw materials and fuels (“Power-to-X”, including hydrogen). Basic and in-depth training for political decision-makers in partner countries form the basis for developing visions for future PtX production and markets. In demand markets, PtX Dialogue also provides impulses for sustainability standards and develops recommendations for political framework conditions for the sectors aviation, shipping and chemical industry. In addition, the project in Kenya is working on integrating PtX into long-term climate strategies, developing the national market and generating added value locally via international markets. PtX Dialog publishes knowledge products, conducts training courses and workshops worldwide and promotes networks and partnerships, such as Women in Green Hydrogen.

Project data

IKI funding
10,000,000.00 €
03/2021 till 06/2025
Implementing organisation
Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH
Implementing Partner
  • Agora Energiewende Smart Energy for Europe Plattform gGmbH
  • Agora Verkehrswende (AGORA)

State of implementation/results

  • The PtX Hub has published a first analysis of PtX in existing NDCs with a focus on Argentina, Chile and Namibia.
  • The PtX Hub has brought comprehensive sustainability dimensions to the discussion on the international regulatory framework for production, storage, transport, trade, promotion and use of hydrogen and PtX derived products at high-level international events. Among them are the following:
    • Green Hydrogen Policies in the MENA Region" on 12.05.2021 with the target group of senior hydrogen experts from MENA countries.
    • "Hydrogen Dialogue 2021: Sustainability Dimensions of PtX Value Chains - Scenarios, Strategies, Standards" on 23.05.2021 with international representatives from numerous emerging and developing countries.
    • "Global Alliance Powerfuels - Annual Conference: Sustainability dimensions of global PtX value chains - from concerns to certification" on 23.06.2021 with experts in the field of PtX. 21 with experts on international trade and certification of synthetic fuels.
    • ICAO Stocktaking Seminar on 06.06.2021 on sustainability criteria for synthetic fuels in aviation
  • The PtX Hub organised the "Hydrogen Hour" as part of the "Transport and Climate Change Week 2021", where political decision-makers from the transport sector were introduced to the topics of Power-to-X, sustainability dimensions and potentials for developing and emerging countries.
  • The project developed a "Founders Hydrogen and Power-to-X" basic training, which has already been conducted in several countries, including Germany, with about 240 decision-makers.
  • In addition, training on power-to-liquid fuels in aviation was conducted with participants from experts at BMUV, UBA, PtX Lab and GIZ.
  • A train-the-trainer programme increases the reach of the training. The seminar has so far taken place in South Africa and Brazil. Further events are planned in Germany in April and October.

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