IKI support for indigenous groups in coping with COVID-19

For communities living in “indigenous peoples and community conserved territories and areas” (ICCAs), COVID-19 poses grave health threats since they already experience lack of access to healthcare.


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Emission mitigations in the transport sector

The mitigation targets in Thailand are mainly related to the transport sector. But how can emissions be reduced? This film about an IKI project shows a solution to how people switch to public transport.


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Adaptation Briefings: Knowledge Products on Enhancing Climate Action

The new “Adaptation Briefing” from the IKI Support Project for the Implementation of the Paris Agreement (SPA) offers a compilation of knowledge products for guidance on effective NDC and NAP implementation.


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Working together towards a sustainable recovery

The COVID 19 pandemic confronts all the countries of the world with major challenges. The BMU has developed a "Corona Response Package" as part of the IKI. The package supports the partner countries of the IKI in addressing these challenges.


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The South African flag. Photo: Shutterstock
The South African flag. Photo: Shutterstock

County call South Africa: Idea competition has ended

The current idea competition for the support of the climate and biodiversity policy in South Africa has ended. We would like to thank you for the submission of 17 outlines, which are now being reviewed.



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The link between biodiversity, food security, and health

The global COVID 19 pandemic is making visible the effects the destruction of ecosystems can have on human health. The IKI has been addressing the conservation of biodiversity since its inception in 2008. In 2019, the IKI approved 19 new projects related to biodiversity.


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Working together towards a sustainable recovery

The Corona Response Package supports the partner countries of the IKI in addressing the challenges of the COVID 19 pandemic.

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Intact ecosystems vital to prevent the spread of pandemics

How the IKI contributes to the well-being of humanity by protecting biodiversity.

NDCs – a key tool for international climate change mitigation

How nationally determined contributions (NDCs) function and how they contribute to the mitigation of the global impacts of climate change.

Impact of the coronavirus pandemic

We have answered your questions in regard to the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on IKI projects.

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International Climate Initiative 2017 to 2019

With "Sharing Experience – managing innovation. International Climate Initiative 2017 to 2019", IKI presents the most important facts and figures on total commitments and expenditures, and offers an insight into concrete work on the ground with project examples.


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